EDCSP host private roundtable in Berlin on EU Financial Perspectives

ODI joined forces with DIE and ONE to host a private roundtable on ‘Rethinking the EU’s external action budget’ in Berlin on the 1st March. Participants included officials from the German Foreign Affairs, Development and Treasury ministries as well as representatives from the European Commission and…

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Reflections on the Durban outcome and the EU’s role in brokering a deal

Over on his website, Simon Maxwell looks at the outcome of the climate talks in Durban, focusing  on the central role played by the EU. Simon notes: “The most interesting aspect for me is the role of the EU in brokering this deal,…

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New event on 14 June: A private round-table on aid effectiveness

On 14 June, EDCSP will host a private round-table on aid effectiveness with panellists from the European Commission, the University of Gothenburg and ODI. This round-table will focus on a study for the EU by Arne Bigsten, Jean Philippe Platteau and Sven Tengstam, which quantifies…

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