What is International Research and what changes are expected of it?

In a world where the international and the local are getting closer every day, the ability to understand international exchanges from different perspectives is a key issue. This determines the importance of international research.

Generality concerning international search

International Development Research is related to international education. To do this, it is essential to follow an interdisciplinary and rigorous training that prepares for the good conduct of intergovernmental affairs. The objective of the international communities for this research is to promote the establishment of exchanges. These are mainly links between different countries, links relating to various investments. These include culture, education, health, industry … Cooperation is an integral part of international solidarity. And its goal is to promote social equity. Further, it is also a question of reducing the inequalities that exist between the different states. International research is part of international study programs that provide quality training, enriched by a variety of scientific and educational activities. In addition to reflecting the major political and social trends of the day, they are distinguished by the multiplication of angles of analysis. The formation feeds not only on the political and historical aspects of the discipline, but also on its legal and economic representations.

Globalization and international research

International Research advances globalization. Strengthening economic cooperation between countries has also played a role in spreading globalization. Second, globalization refers to the process by which relations between countries have become dependent on one another and have gone beyond physical and geographical boundaries that may have existed before. It seems that globalization makes the planet smaller, figurative image to show that men are closer. But it is not so much space that is at stake here as time. The planet is growing rather than shrinking. International research like globalization has discovered new lands that have broadened horizons. It is another factor of space expansion; we can now go to places that were once inaccessible. Technological progress has improved the boats, it has given rise to planes and it has pierced crossing points.

International research fields

The International Development Research Center is designed to support research aimed at adapting science and technology to the special needs of developing countries. International research is based on five main areas. These are biodiversity, food systems in difficult circumstances, technology, society and the environment, the integration of economic and social policies. It is a perfect solution to promote international research networks to develop knowledge and applications to quickly find local solutions to development problems.

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