Looking beyond 2013: are EU-Africa relations still fit for purpose?

Ahead of the 2014 Africa-EU Summit, and at a time of shifting and complex internal and external dynamics in Europe and Africa, the European Think-Tanks Group is holding a High-Level Conference, Looking beyond 2013: Are Africa-EU relations still fit for purpose? in Brussels on Monday, 28 October 2013.

The objective of the conference is to:

  •  assess how Europe-Africa relations can remain fit for purpose,
  • provide an opportunity to take stock of the successes, challenges and failures of the efforts to launch a strategic partnership,
  • revisit strategic questions on the nature and objective of the partnership, and
  • have an open debate on what both partners expect from one another in order to inform the future relationship.

Join the debate on Africa-EU relations in the run-up to the conference on ECDPM’s blogsite Africa-Europe relations – looking beyond 2014.

(Attendance at the conference is by invitation only)

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