ODI submits opinion to the Commission’s consultation on inclusive growth

ODI today submitted their response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on ‘EU Development Policy in Support of Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’ There is much to welcome in the EU’s Green Paper on EU development policy.  The emphasis on the relative importance of growth in promoting development is particularly important.  ODI’s submission focuses on the growth section of the Green Paper, with contributions from Dirk Willem te Velde, the Head of the ‘Investment and Growth Programme’ together with Jodie Keane, Research Officer, Karen Ellis, the Head of the ‘Private Sector and Markets Programme’ and Claire Melamed, the Head of the ‘Growth and Equity Programme’. In addition,   Simon Maxwell, ODI’s Senior Research Associate and Project Leader of the European Development Cooperation Strengthening Programme (EDCSP) sets out the challenges for the European Commission in designing the EU’s development policy as set out in the Green Paper. To read the submission, click here
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