Policy coherence for development: not just for wonks

Some people think policy coherence for development (PCD) is only important to policy wonks. They’re wrong. In a world with fewer low-income countries in which official aid is declining in importance relative to other sources of finance, policy engagement is…

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open a business bank account

How to open a business bank account ?

Opening a business account is essential if you wish to establish business credit for your enterprise, which helps you to qualify for financing. A bank account creates a boundary between your savings and business finances which makes it easier to…

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monitoring industrial assets

Fill level control solution for monitoring industrial assets

Industries operate under different conditions, and as a result, they require liquids, gases, and solids to enhance their operations. Depending on their target goals and their requirements, they apply chemicals, water, and other types of liquids to arrive at the…

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A luxury hotel

Tips for booking a luxury hotel in the centre of Paris

Picking out a great hotel can be an overwhelming task, especially in Paris, where there are over 100 luxury hotels you can stay in. Reputable sites like will be indispensable in helping you make the right decisions. Here are…

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Find a family law lawyer in Paris

Choosing the right international family law attorney is important when dealing with complex family issues. For example, an ideal international divorce lawyer will help you understand the otherwise complex divorce laws, and guide you in making the best decision on…

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