How can you expand your business globally through Google Ads ?

Are you already advertising your products or services with Google AdWords locally and want to conquer the world overseas? Different steps are necessary before you go globally and thus increase your turnover. Here are our tips for making your business international and make your new adventure a success.

New tools to develop your business abroad

Google Ads is a business management tool designed to connect advertisers with customers who are looking for their products or services wherever they are. Today, we can find multiple tools and platforms, like which is an intelligent advertising platform, that help one’s business go global and attract customers from all around the planet. Usually available free online, these tools are designed to help advertisers discover new markets internationally. You’ll find the Export Help Tool, AdWords, Google Translate, and other tools designed to help advertisers find, attract, and satisfy customers around the world. The export help tool allows companies to answer the following question: who are our potential customers abroad? In order to use this tool, you can type keywords about your products and then choose the market or region you want to explore. You can pick regions such as the G20 countries, the European Union or the American continent. Furthermore, this tool automatically translates keywords into the languages spoken in each of the selected countries. It then ranks each region by business opportunity by combining, for each translated keyword, the following three criteria: search volume, auction idea, and competition…

Adapt your website to where you want to offer your products or services

Before you start, find out about payment and delivery terms in that country. This step is essential because your website will usually have to put forward the means of payment used in the chosen country with the local currency. Similarly, delivery costs should not be too high, otherwise potential sales will be lost. Of course, your website must have a version in the language of the chosen country. Needless to say that the links of your advertisements will have to direct foreign Internet users on the pages of your website translated in their language.

Create and configure your campaigns for overseas targets

In order to grow your business marketing strategy online and create your campaigns for the chosen foreign country, you will need to translate both your ads and your keywords from your existing campaigns. For that, you can translate them yourself if you think you can do it, or use a translation agency to avoid mistakes. In addition, you will need to find the best terms and phrases to make your ads attractive. Once your campaigns are translated, the second step is to set them up so that they are broadcast internationally.

Communicate internationally with AdWords
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