What are the benefits of creating a Google Adwords campaign?

To be visible on the Internet, a website must be well optimized SEO-wise. Creating a Google Adwords campaign is one of the most popular paid SEO practices, so what is it about exactly? And what are the benefits of integrating Adwords into your web strategy?

Google Adwords, what is it exactly?

This is the advertising program created by Google in 2000. With this tool, Adwords agencies create and manage online advertising for businesses, they can be SMEs or large international groups. This Google giant service is a paid one. It works with a single system: CPC or Cost per Click. Adwords is about creating and serving ads. When you search on Google, you’ve probably noticed a list of ads next to your search results. These ads are the work of this program. In order to grow your business with Google Ads, you can visit instaon.io.

Why launch an Adwords campaign?

Being well referenced on search engines is the goal of any online business. SEO is an effective strategy to improve the positioning of a site. This allows you to have better visibility on the web in the long run. However, it takes at least 3 or 4 months to start getting results. This is not enough if you want to boost your business quickly. With an Adwords campaign, the results are instant. Your site immediately appears on the first page when users enter keywords on the search engines that are relevant to your activities. This specific targeting system of Google Adwords is another advantage of this program. Be aware that you can even limit the display of your ads on a specific geographic area. Finally, with this advertising network, you can create a temporary campaign. If you have, for example, a website for a campsite, the holiday period is the best time to promote your services, and therefore to launch your campaign.

How to set up an advertising campaign with Adwords?

The web is full of tutorials that can help you start your campaign. But, for a better return of investment, it is better to delegate this task to an Adwords agency. Indeed, a campaign that is not well set up from the beginning makes you lose money. A professional agency defines in advance a specific strategy and the objectives to be achieved. The agency experts will advise you on the right keywords and the right targeting to put in place. This will help you spend your budget more efficiently.

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