How has globalization played a part in changing our everyday life?

The influence of globalization on the world is wide, complex, and very political. It is important to understand the potential dangers and negative consequences of globalization to avoid and reduce them. La globalization is not bad in itself

Globalization and international change

Since Antiquity, Humanity has always sought to expand, produce, and exchange goods through the development of new technologies and means of transport. However, globalization did not take off until the nineteenth century. Following centuries of European colonization and commercial activity, the first wave of globalization has been propelled by steamers, railways, telegraphs, and other technological advances. Thanks to this, the structure of international trade has changed a lot. The consequences for the reduction of inequality at the global level have most probably been positive, since this surge in world trade has allowed the start of the international economy.

Globalization and commercial workflows

Globalization has been a boon to businesses, consumers and the Western economy as a whole. Globalization and technological change have created a new global economy powered by technology, fueled by information and driven by knowledge. Online commercialization has been the key for business success of late thanks to the infinity of tools available for companies to attract customers and bring considerable income. Check to learn about one of the main and most used online services, Google Adwords!

Globalization and its main consequences

Globalization has three direct consequences. There is openness to the world, increasing wealth, strengthening strong cultures. It is both a consequence of a change and the cause of another change, which explains why it is not always viewed favorably. Globalization makes life unstable, it transforms societies and lifestyles, bringing people to the unknown, a situation that is never comfortable. On the other hand, it has increased trade and provides access to markets that were previously unthinkable. The same phenomenon applies with the airplane and the new means of communication. These elements completely upset and transform our lives without our being aware of them. Finally, the man adapts quite well to the new circumstances. It is capable of enriching, destroying poverty and enabling a general rise in living conditions. Exchanges are a source of wealth, they make it possible to discover new products, to improve those that exist.

Consequences of globalization on lifestyle

The standardization of the world is one of the risks of globalization. Yet this is not the only way out. Globalization is able to strengthen and differentiate strong cultures. It allows the birth of these regional cultures which is due partly to the improvement of the living conditions. The increase in industrial productivity has made it possible to lower textile costs, and thus to improve the clothing of the people. Agricultural progress has led to a diversification of food and a fall in the price of raw materials. Butter and milk cost less, potatoes spread, cows are selected and improved to give regional breeds.

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